Click HERE to download a copy in FLV format  (for educational purposes only) of this video (~235MB).

Click HERE to download a copy in FLV format  (for educational purposes only) of this video (~235MB).

Алексей Воробьёв – Сумасшедшая (2015)

“She’s crazy but she’s mine.” by pop-star Alexei Vorobyov (

Political Ad for Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin – “The Man that Changed Everything” – Part 2 of 4 (2013)

In this 2013 campaign ad, Sobyanin’s marketing team highlights his cultural achievements in Moscow with lots of attractive locales and statistics.

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Political Ad for Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin – “The Man That Changed Everything” – Part 1 of 4 (2013)

Sergei Sobyanin was elected mayor of Moscow in 2010 for a 5-year term. In 2013, he “unexpectedly” resigned his post early. Once early elections were announced to find a new mayor, Mr. Sobyanin changed his mind and threw his hat in the ring again. In September 2013, he was elected again for a 5-year term. Many consider this a rigged election to ensure Sobyanin’s re-election, which would have been harder in 2015. See this LINK for more on the controversy.

In Part 1, Sobyanin’s marketing team highlights many of the infrastructure improvements that have taken place in Moscow over the last few years – roads, parking, public transportation.

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2014 music video from Abkhasia-born Russian pop artist Yaseniya – “Мон ами” (“Mon ami”)


Music video from Russian pop artist Mitya Fomin – “Всё будет хорошо” (“Everything will be OK”)


Настя Каменских – Песня Красной Щапочки (2009)

“Little Red Riding Hood” by Ukrainian pop-singer Nastya Kamenskih during a 2009 New Year’s celebration on Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.

Music video from Russian rapper – “Начало дня” (“Beginning of the Day”)


Music video from Ukrainian pop diva Olya Polyakova – “Russian Style”


Downloaded from Olya’s YouTube channel:

Ukrainian R&B artists Boombox & Pianoboy performing “Floors” – ( – Russian version


The famous folk song “Katyusha” performed by pop group “Chelsea” at the Victory Day Celebration in Moscow 2008 (

“Made in the USSR” by pop artist Oleg Gazmanov


“Labyrinth” by hip-hop group “Discoteka Avariya” featuring rapper Batishta.

Political satire from Vasya Oblomov (rap artist), Kseniya Sobchak (TV talk-show host), and Leonid Parfyonov (TV personality & writer) – “Preved, Medved” (“Privet, Medvedev!”)


Video shown as part of Sobchak’s talk show “Sobchak Zhivyom” on TV broadcast company “Rain TV” in January 2012

Downloaded from TVRain YouTube channel:

Brunettes and Blondes” by pop-rock group “Zveri” (“Beasts”) – (website:

“Moscow” by pop artist Vintazh feat. DJ Smash

(DJ Smash: ( Vintazh:

“Гуляй, славяне” – a party song in winter – by Ukrainian pop artists Kievelectro and Alyona Vinnitskaya

“Olya from the ‘Net” (2011) by pop group “Uma2rman”

“Along the Road of Love” by pop artist “Valeriya” in her album dedicated to ending human slave trading.


Downloaded from Valeriya’s YouTube channel:

“Dirt” (1998) by legendary Russian heavy metal band “Aria”


Downloaded from MusicMarket’s YouTube channel:

Недетское время (2011) from hip-hop group Дискотека Авария (

Модный Танец Арам Зам Зам (2010) from Russian hip-hop group Discoteka Avariya.

“Love will save the world” by pop artist Vera Brezhneva


Чи-ли – Любовь это яд (2008)

“Love is Poison” by pop group “Chi-li” (

Чи-ли – Сердце (2008)

“Heart” by pop group “Chi-li” (

Тимати – Сколько стоит любовь (2010)

“How much love costs” by hip-hop artist “Timati” (

Серебро – Не время (2010)

“It’s not time” by pop group Serebro (

Слот – Две войны (2007)

“Two wars” by hard rock group “Slot” (

Отпетые Мошенники feat. Леонид Агутин – Граница

“The Border” by hip-hop group “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” ( featuring solo artist Leonid Agutin (

Downloaded from StyleRecords YouTube channel: